Stefanie Ginster - PhD Student

Céline Lukowicz - Post-doctoral Fellow

After graduating in biology and pharmacological innovation, Céline worked in Dr. Hervé Guillou’s team during her PhD in Integrative Toxicology and Metabolism at the Institute for Agricultural Research, University of Toulouse (France) till July 2018. Her PhD research project focused on the sexually dimorphic role of the nuclear receptor CAR (Constitutive Androstane Receptor) in energy homeostasis and xenobiotic detoxication. She investigated the metabolic role of the nuclear receptor CAR and the long-term effect of a chronic dietary exposure to pesticides in vivo, with a special emphasis on the role of CAR on the sexually dimorphic deleterious effects of this pesticide cocktail. At the CIG, her postdoctoral project is to investigate the mechanism underlying the initiation of a pro-tumorigenic cascade in response to UV insults in skin cells.
Nhan Thanh Nguyen - Post-doctoral Fellow

Nhan Thanh Nguyen finished her PhD study on the role of the transcription factor ZNF217 in tumorigenesis under the supervision of Prof. Pascale Cohen and Dr. Julie Vendrell at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon. Then she followed my 2-year postdoctoral research in the team of Dr. Florence Cammas, Cancer Research Center of Montpellier, where she worked on the role of Heterochromatin protein 1 in the stability of common fragile sites. In April, she will join the research group of Dr. Liliane Michalik as a postdoc. Her project will focus on the roles of PPAR isoforms in skin cancer progression in response to environmental cues.
Carine Winkler - Technician

Carine obtained her Master of Science at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. From 2003 to 2006 she worked in the group of Prof. A. Kato in the Department of of Basic Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva. She joined the CIG in 2007.